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Caronlab Wax Applicators Mini- Brow Beater 500 Pack



For use with hard and strips waxes

Caron’s high quality disposable applicators provide the most hygienic solution to applying both hard and strip waxes. Disposable Applicators provide your salon with a hygienic waxing solution and your customer peace of mind in knowing you care for their wellbeing. The handy dispenser boxes will keep spatulas neat and tidy.

No mess, no fuss!

Available in:

  • Large (Tongue Depressors) for larger areas of the face and body 100 or 500 boxes
  • Small (Icy Pole) for smaller areas of the face and body 100 or 500 boxes
  • Mini (Brow Beater) for face, brows, upper lip and chin 100 or 500 boxes
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