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NVL Clear Smooth40 Kit 1000ml +1000ml


NVL Anti Residue Shampoo, featuring an alkaline pH, efficiently opens the hair cuticles to remove impurities, preparing your hair for the NVL Smooth treatment.

Discover the NVL Smooth 40 clear formula, a revolutionary treatment that’s ideal for every hair type. It’s designed with superior moisture-locking capabilities to maintain hydration, prevent hair breakage, and deliver a sleek, straight appearance with a soft, silky touch.

This Kit Contains:

  • 1 x NVL Anti Residue Shampoo (1000ml)
  • 1 x NVL Clear Smooth 40 Solution (1000ml)

Usage Instructions:

Begin by washing the hair twice with the Anti-Residue Shampoo. On the second application, let the shampoo sit in the hair for 5 minutes.
After shampooing, towel-dry the hair until it’s about 60% dry, then smooth it out with a detangling comb.

Evenly apply the Smoothing Treatment (either Clear or Violet), avoiding a half-centimeter area near the scalp. Section the hair finely and use the following amounts based on hair thickness:

  • Fine Hair: 40-60g
  • Medium Hair: 60-80g
  • Thick Hair: 80-100g

Encase the hair with a plastic cap for 40 minutes, or use a heat processor/steamer for up to 35 minutes depending on the hair’s texture and condition. Then, rinse with tepid water without using shampoo.

Blow-dry the hair until it is 90% dry, then proceed to straighten it:

For the CLEAR solution: Set the iron between 210℃-230℃.

  • For the VIOLET solution: Adjust the iron to 180℃-200℃. Slowly iron each section 7-10 times from root to tip. For hair that is damaged, lower the temperature to 180℃-200℃ and iron each section 5-7 times.
  • Avoid washing your hair for 48 hours after the treatment. Then, use NVL Anti-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner to maintain the treatment’s results.

For lasting effects, it’s advised to consistently use NVL Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner for aftercare.

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