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Agi One Intenseliss Serum Resistant 1000ml


Agi One Intenseliss SERUM 1000ml is specifically designed for coarse, resistant, and virgin hair types. The Co Wash process requires 40 minutes for optimal results. It is crucial to adhere to the provided instructions, including shaking the bottle before use.

Advantages of Choosing AGI One:

  1. Simple Application.
  2. Short processing duration maximizes profitability.
  3. Preserves natural hair color*.
  4. Formulated without Formaldehyde.
  5. Offers up to 20 applications per bottle.
  6. Enhances hair with remarkable shine and luster.
  7. Long-lasting treatment with effects lasting between 3 to 5 months.
  8. Safe to apply hair color immediately following the treatment.
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