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Eslabondexx Ultra Bleach Connector 150ml


Protective gel preparation recommended for lightening hair. In combination with the brightener and
hydrogen peroxide, it protects and cares for the natural structure of the hair, reducing its brittleness during the entire
bleaching process. In addition to the innovative NIO-PROTECT TECHNOLOGY
, maleic acid and PVP were used in the composition. They combine with the keratin structure and rebuild the hair from the
inside, while guaranteeing their effective protection.

Quaternized hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed keratin moisturize and regenerate the hair, making it soft to the touch. In-depth, comprehensive and lasting action of the preparation allows you to increase the number of dyeing treatments and the level of lightening.

• a new version of the current step 1, i.e. Connector with an enriched formula
• special protection against damage caused during lightening
• refined and technologically more advanced production process: thorough,
complete and long-lasting action
• improved protective action, thanks to a special mix of ingredients added to the formula
• allows for more bleaching services and/or a higher level of bleaching
• does not interfere with the bleacher and even improves its efficiency
• suitable for all types of bleaching
• not suitable for other hairdressing treatments such as dyeing, perms, etc.


Mix the bleach with hydrogen peroxide in the usual proportions, then add
two doses of the product for every 10 g of the bleach used. Apply to the hair in the usual way.

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