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Berrywell Tint No. 1 Black 15Ml


Number 1 among the shades for a good reason! Black is, and remains, the classic for eyebrow colouring because every single hair gets complete coverage – regardless of the natural hair colour.

BERRYWELL® no. 1 for customers with black, coloured hair; this lets the eyebrows be quickly and easily adjusted.

Augenblick – A momentary blink of the eye – is the keyword which is all about eyebrow and lash colours by BERRYWELL®. It stands for the goal of the colouring process: pronounced eyes and an unforgettable look.

Here the eyebrow and lash colours create the ideal extension to the brilliant hair colours of BERRYWELL®. What’s more, due to the variety of the shades available, lashes and eyebrows can be perfectly coordinated to virtually every hair colour.

BERRYWELL® eyebrow and lash colours make the lashes look captivatingly long and voluminous. That is because BERRYWELL® colours dig deep into every hair, up to the furthest front tip. Eyebrows will love BERRYWELL® too: light browns can be easily highlighted with dark colouring and dark ones can be lightened.

Dermatologically tested – exclusively at salons.