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Wahl Beret Replacement Blade


The Wahl Beret Replacement Blade is a precision-engineered trimmer blade, specially designed for the Wahl Beret professional trimmer. Crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail, this replacement blade ensures a close, smooth trim, making it perfect for detailed work, crisp outlines, and precision trims. Made with high-carbon steel, the blade remains sharp for longer, delivering reliable performance for professional barbers and stylists.

With its easy-to-snap-on design, you can quickly replace worn-out blades without any hassle. Maintain the exceptional quality and performance of your Wahl Beret trimmer with this genuine replacement blade. Safe to use, durable, and designed to offer optimal cutting efficiency, it’s a must-have accessory for every grooming professional.

This chrome-plated Mag Blade cuts extremely close at 0.4mm, making it perfect for precision outlining and detailing work. Made in the USA to bring you quality results.

This blade will fit on our Beret Trimmer
Blade Width: 32.5mm